8th October 2015


There has been so much discussion over the media lately about this style or lack or style, phenomenon.
This YouTube video has been making the rounds, click the link if you haven’t had the pleasure;

In recent years we have seen the rise and rise of Activewear, moving from exercise clothes into acceptable Causalwear which has created a whole life of its own to the point that it’s now closing in on burn-out rather than work-out. Gone have been the days of a quick shower and redress at the gym before departing to join friends for a brunch or lunch date. …
You may ask why?
In many cases, the fact remains, the wearer hasn’t been anywhere near a gym, but has opted to dress into Activewear. Wearing Activewear outside the gym has been perceived as a fashion statement, but like all fashion statements which come and go, at last we may be seeing the end of its days. In the past, the alternative would have been a comfy knit, jeans, and tee for winter and perhaps substitute the jeans for a short in summer.
To help understand, let’s examine the decline of the Dress Code. It used to be that every type of event or venue had a set of rules for personal presentation, a ‘Dress Code’. Admittedly, looking back over time, many of the old dress codes can today be safely branded archaic. Nonetheless, ‘Respect’, the essence behind the dress code, should still live on.
Are people consciously ignoring the rules, or has the NRG attitude of recent times created ignorance. The modern seem no longer to be able to measure what is appropriate dress for an occasion. Too much “anything goes”, might be a great name for a musical, but such attitude diminishes respect for both the occasion being attended, the host, as well one’ personal self-esteem.
Some may say,” It’s not cool to care”. Wrong, care for the invitee, care for the company you keep, care for your self-respect. In Australia, we have mastered perfection at the super-casual, as well the super dressed-up. But there is a huge cavern betwixt and it’s in these areas where we perform very poorly. Too often, everyone seems to be wearing what they found dumped at the end of the bed. It’s very well to say, fashion trends don’t matter and simply wear what suits you. But then, take a look in the mirror, this relaxed attitude to fashion does not mean there aren’t any rules at all.
With summer just around the corner, the party and festive season creeping upon us, invitations are sure to start showing up. No doubt, some may include a dress code. Even without a designated code, as we have discussed the very location, time of day and purpose of the invitation will all imply a dress code without it being mentioned. Asking around recent hosts, many say they include a dress code to stop people turning up under dressed. This says that people are tired of guests coming along inappropriately dressed. Show your host some respect and dress appropriately.
Most invitations today, if a Dress Code is mentioned, will tend to cover one of the following three expectations;

What is Smart Casual?
Perhaps the most poorly interpreted and being the most used Dress Code, in our multi-cultural world, the word causal is very subjective.
Casual could mean jeans or shorts worn with thongs or sandal, but it will be type of jean and sandal which will define between, just casual and smart casual. Smart would likely imply your best jean and the addition of a heel to a dressier sandal or even wedge and perhaps an on trend jacket.
Even, a lone ‘Casual’ as a dress code, would never mean trackies and T-shirt or Activewear. Neither of these attire would demand a dress code and really shouldn’t be seen outside the home or sporting arena. This brings us back to respect; show you care at least a little.
If you find yourself lost for direction, always consider the location and dress for that. This consideration should include head to toe. E.g. shoes should work for your look as well the practicality of the activity and location. Follow this rule throughout and you should find safe territory.

How dressed up is Formal / Black Tie?
The opposite of understatement, this dress code certainly lets you know that your host is asking you pull out the bells and whistles and dress your absolute extreme best. At the most formal of events, this is where it is possible to wear a full length gown. No form of casual or smart casual is acceptable. In Australia, we tend to very good at this code.
What is Cocktail dressing?
The staple here is the Little Black Dress (LBD), along with a statement piece of jewelry and a fabulous strappy heeled sandal. This combination will always be on point. However, a coloured or printed knee or little longer dress, again with a fabulous piece of jewelry and heel will also be equally on point. You should be able to wear your work outfit, simply swap the shoes out for something heeled and delicate, exchange the tote for an evening clutch, add a dazzle of jewelry and you are ready.
Besides the invitations which announce a dress code, there are still many venues and events which, by their very nature, demand an unwritten dress requirement. It’s in this area that so much has been lost. NRG is not appropriate at times like; Job Interviews, Theatre shows, Weddings, Funerals, Art Galleries, just a few places which command respect and therefore careful consideration to your wardrobe choices when attending. Why do people not bother to show respect and wear black to a funeral? Why do patrons turn up better restaurants in shorts? Why do some attend the Theatre looking like they have just finished the weeding in the garden? So many Why’? Where is the respect?
Some simple tips –
Activewear is not Outerwear
For Weddings follow the code on the invitation and never outshine the bride.
Stylish can still be comfortable and practical
Rubber thongs are for the beach only
It may take only a small detail; a statement Item of jewelry, scarf, even the colour combination, to elevate the overall finish.
Show respect, dress from the inside out. Feed your self-esteem, be proud of your appearance and you will always be best dressed for the occasion.





27th November 2014

Behind the Scenes – The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier


The M.E.L girls gathered last Sunday to experience The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier at the National gallery of Victoria,

and what an amazing world it was!



The appeal of this exhibition goes far beyond that of the Fashionista.

Providing a social commentary of the times, the JPG designs are artworks supplying a window

and depicting the various era’s. as well as social and music trends.


Not wanting to spoil the bounty of surprise for those planning to attend,

today we provide a small glimpse of a truly marvelous experience,

and encourage all, whether you are into fashion  or not,

attend this most brilliant exhibition.

We recommend to allow plenty of time and make sure your phone is fully charged,

as like us and everyone in attendance, we expect you will be trigger happy with your camera,

as there is so much you will want to immortalize.

JPG The Girls

Look out for stunning pieces worn by by Aussie girls, Cate Blanchett, Nicola Kidman and Kylie Minoque.

Find the animal skin with 1600 hours of hand beading


Take a seat in the front row at the Runway Show

Dream of shopping with a mink shopping trolley tote


…….and so very much more….

The exhibition runs until February 8th next year.

Perhaps then, without fear of spoiling your experience, we will have more to say.








10th September 2014

More from Behind the Scenes

With the latest additions to our Home Page sliders,

we must acknowledge and credit a couple of iconic locations snapped by Melinda on her recent travels.

Our Facebook post on 23rd of August discussed the Chance Street Graffiti Art, East End London

The story from Bali continues,

so far we have already acknowledged the W Hotel and their magnificent driveway as a back drop to our Serpent Maxi;

today we admire the creative image of Potato Head.

Having snapped images of their signature Shutters vision,

we have used the co-incidence of the colour palette to supplement our Cairo Shell Kaftan.

Potato Head 2

Potato head 1

Add Potato Head into your next Balinese itinerary, discover more at www.ptthead.com








12th August 2014

RIP Robin Williams

Mankind has suffered an overwhelming loss today.
So many generations have grown up with the exceptional talent of Robin Williams.
We first laughed with him as Mork from Ork, in the late 70’s and continued our side splitting belly laugh through Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs Doubtfire, numerous stand up appearances and tv interviews. On the flip side was the serious dramatic actor in Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society and One Hour Photo and of course he became king of the kids in Jumanji, Night at the Museum and the Happy Feet double.
With an incredible catalogue of work, his memory will live on as each new generation discovers the wonder of Robin Williams.
Too often, the most talented are the most tortured and lost to us far too young.Robin Williams




 1st August 2014

New “Villa” has arrived

Villa promo image

As the name implies, this range of pants, created from super-stretch cotton rich fabric, is destined to be the pant cover of choice from this summer season forward.

Villa is perfect for everything from resort holidays, through to complimenting city dressing.

Certainly dominant in the area of relaxed and casual dressing, the Villa pant range are all Made in Melbourne, by leading Australian pant manufacturer M.E.L Australia.

Villa is poised to lead the market into Spring Summer 2014.

In store now, the Villa collection of pants includes a clean and undressed group of essential basics, suitable to sit as backdrop to that fabulous top or shirt you have been eying as most needed for your wardrobe this coming season. As well as the clean essentials, there is no shortage of fashion with the easy angle already available in store and upcoming fashion forward slouch pocket and resort roll over soon to be released

About the fabric:
Light weight and comfortable
65% Cotton, 30% Nylon, 5% Elastane
Cold hand wash, drip dry, light cool press on the reverse if necessary and wear….

Our colours have the season covered:
Zinc – a cool calm pale silver grey
Iron Ore – a mineral rich slate grey
Pumice – blushed beach sand
Driftwood – rich cafe latte
As well as Black, White and Ink a Mediterranean dark blue




25th July 2014

Protect your valuable and delicate garments
How body products can shorten the life of delicate clothes.


As the summer season approaches and we are starting to consider our summer wardrobe, we thought it time appropriate to talk about the damage which can occur to your most favorite garments from alcohol based body products.


When the thermostat climbs, in Australia we are subject to extreme temperatures needing the assistance of fragrances to help us feel fresh and comfortable. What many are not aware is that these fragrances, in the form of body products are often laden with alcohol and can ultimately shorten the life of your favorite piece of clothing.

You may often notice a caution against exposure to such products included in the care labeling of a garment.
We are often asked why this caution and what can happen?

Regular exposure can result in various damages which may include:-
The colour or print of the fabric fades heavily from its original state, notably in the underarm area, of silk, silk/cotton blends even pure cotton and linen tops, dresses and tee’s.

Most often represented when our favorite white cotton or linen top discolours to take on a feint yellowish tinge, this can be so disappointing.

Stress tears
As we continue to wear these garments over and over again with alcohol based body products, each wear, the fabric is weakened until ultimately it may tear under the stress of wear.

Deodorant damage

If the fabric finishing hadn’t been weakened by the alcohol we would see the fabric hold for the expected extended wear.

When we speak of body products, the most common offenders are deodorant and body lotions as well as the fabulous spray of perfume as we are going out the door landing, not only on our body, but the fabric as well.

Taking all this into account, we are not suggesting you abandon your favorite fragrance in the interests of the longevity of your favorite pieces of clothing.

We are however, suggesting you apply and let your body products settle before dressing, try to avoid products which include alcohol, be mindful that with such exposures, delicate fabrics will not last forever.

In addition to the use of body products, we should also consider; we are what we eat.

If we eat very acidic foods, our perspiration may too be acidic which would contribute to garment damage.

Such a mine field….. This is whole other discussion for another time.


18th July 2014

From Behind the Scenes to Front of House

Today we have launched the M.E.L Australia Spring Summer 2014/15 collection.
To open the season, our sliders provide a fresh glimpse of some of our extensive dress range to be delivered in store over the coming weeks.

SS'14 Lauch Head.Slider

As mentioned in our “Behind the Scenes” blog on 6th of June, much work goes into creating images for our Home page sliders. In the creation of these opening sliders, some acknowledgements, credits and thanks are required for without them, such imagery would simply not be possible.

Firstly, our creative team; Brietta Foott, Stephaine Bailly, Yumni Conaghty

Then, Hermon&Hermon and Minettes Vintage, our local Richmond neighbors continue to support us with fabulous bits and pieces for props and accessories whenever we seek their assistance.

And finally, as we put the finishing touches on our Spring Summer launch, we wouldn’t be able to complete the update without backdrop contributions.

We acknowledge W Retreat Bali, part of the W Group of Hotels Worldwide, the image of their driveway in Seminyak Bali, provides a tranquil backdrop for our Serpent Maxi Dress. Image snapped only this week while Melinda was in Bali. Visit http://www.wretreatbali.com/ to experience some of the wonders this resort offers.

W Retreat pathway



Member of the extended M.E.L family, Jeanette Sproule, must be thanked for the generous giving of her Antique Door photo snapped by the keen photographer on recent visit to Bangkok. This image provides a taste of the ‘contemporary meets the past’ as backdrop to our Maude shirtmaker sundress. You can find more of her images on her Facebook page Jeanette Sproule


Jeanettes door

Last of all, a spectacular collection of bright and colourful umbrellas provide a cheerful and complimentary background to our fabulous Chelsea Floral Dress representing the true essence of a spring floral display setting us up to look forward to our Spring Racing Carnival. This image also snapped by Melinda in Bali last week.

This is just a taste of the delights to be found when you navigate your way through the Collection images this season









6th June 2014

Behind the Scenes – Photo-Shoot Spring Summer 2014/15
What does it take to make a photo-shoot?
Much work, pre-planning and consultation proceeds the day of the shoot.
Firstly, we obviously need to select the product we believe will offer a good cross selection of the season staying true to the overall design theme of the collection. From here, a theme is created for the overall presentation of the website for the season. The next step is to scout all over the “just right” shoes, accessories and props. This is where we once again thank our local traders; Minettes Vintage and Hermon & Hermon for their contribution. They help to create the final image with their generocity.


Behind 2Behind 1
Storyboards for each outfit/image are developed to include all items of clothing, shoes, handbag, accessories and props as well as style for hair and makeup. These briefs are work-shopped with design and creative teams, marketing, photographer and the hair and makeup stylist to a final end which is taken into the shoot. On the day, these briefs play the groundwork for what will be re-styled and re-worked in the creative moment. A full day of dressing, changing, accessorizing, hair, makeup and photography in front of white and green screens gives us hundreds of images which are then scrutinized until they are defined as just a handful of final images

Behind 3


These final few images are then dropped in-situ to our background images, the end product being loaded to our website as the Homepage Sliders.

As our most recent back drops, this current Winter 2014, we have traveled to major international cities and last Summer 2013, we were on safari in Africa.

WAREHOUSE-SLIDERMayan Shell with Elephants Slider






Where will we land our images for this coming Spring Summer 2014?
Keep a look out on the website to see where we land in the coming weeks.
Special thanks to our creative contributors;
Brietta Foott – Creative, Graphics, Styling
Stephaine Bailly –  Photography  (www.stephaniebailly.com)
Yumi Conaghty –  Hair and Make-Up   (www.yumiconaghty.com)






3rd June 2014

Blurred Lines of the Seasons


As the thermostat drops, we welcome in the season that is winter.

As a lifestyle trigger, it is the season many use to hibernate into comfort foods, delicious wines and cheeses in front of open fires, arriving home after a day away to the aroma of a hot pot which has spent half a day brewing away in the slow cooker. Others look to the skies in search of rain or snow. Rain provides a serene backdrop for long walks on a rainy beach, in the park with our 4 legged friends as well as to feed the gardens and water supplies for the inevitable summer which will follow. Snow arrives to feed the adrenalin seeker need to rush the slopes before relaxing into the warm comfort of the après ski scene.
Romance aside; in practical terms it is the change of the seasons which drives our industry forward.

To the Fashionista who runs to the stores the first sign of any new season merchandise hitting the floors, you are unique and a much needed driver of trend, thank you for keeping trends and fashion alive. More commonplace, it is the need for a new jumper to keep warm or coat to stay dry in the rain stimulates our consumers into the stores. Why then is it that, in order to keep up with our much admired fashion capitals in the northern hemisphere, do we here in Australia, just as the cold weather hits decide it’s time to go on winter sale? Many stores, in keeping with European import deliveries, are taking deliveries for spring summer right now. Even here at M.E.L, stockists are seeking our deliveries as early as June. It is true, we live in a global market, we are traveling off shore more than ever and the need for both summer and winter product all year has become more prevalent, this is blurring the lines which define our seasons. Should fashion stores be carrying both summer and winter merchandise all year round and simply adjust the ratio to work within the current season?
In our industry, we are always blurring the lines between the seasons. Working one or two seasons ahead  is essential to meet the delivery schedules in time for the season to commence. We are always producing summer through the depths of winter and vice versa. Our machinists are found in the peak of our summer heat sewing thick winter coats for delivery Jan/Feb into stores. We also find, as we did this week, models shivering in promotion of our summer wears while we do our Summer 2014 website shoot.
Here is a little sneak peak, taken yesterday, from Behind the Scenes of the shoot.

Behind enhanced 4Behind enhanced 5Behind enhanced 6























20th May 2014

The Importance of Care Labels



In Australia, it is law that all garments retailed must have sewn in labels to state the Country of Origin, accurate Fibre Content and detailed Care/Washing Instructions. As a result, the manufacturer offers warranty provided the garment has been cared for in accordance with the directions given.



Care 2

At M.E.L Australia, we recognize that our garments are often an investment purchase for the wardrobe. As a manufacturer of often delicate, exclusive and expensive fabrics in our merchandise, we take great care to test and re-test textiles, applications and manufacture techniques within our garments to ensure our product enters the marketplace with the most suitable clear, accurate and detailed care labeling which will ensure good wear and tear for our consumers.

In return, for the warranty to be upheld, it is then the responsibility of the consumer to adhere to these instructions without variation or open interpretation. Too often, we have seen consumers take the essence of the instructions, open them to their own interpretation. Much of the time, this will be without initial incident. It may take several mis-handlings before the garment breaks down and presents with damage. As such, the failure to follow the instructions has increased the wear and tear and shortened the life of the garment.

There are many examples of mis-handling which can be discussed. Rather than to carry on at length, let’s look at the simplest, most often error we experience.
Cold Hand Wash genuinely means to wash by hand, using cold water in a basin or tub. It does not mean its OK to use a washing machine on delicate cycle with cold water. If this choice is made, even using a laundry bag, warranty has been broken. Any damage resulting whether immediate or in the future from slow repetitive mis-handling, is not required to be covered by the manufacturer. Through-out our own pre-production testing this method will have been tested with any resulting damage being documented. This then allows us to ascertain cause for any damaged garments presented to us in the future, in turn confirming whether it is a warranty claim or not.
There will always be exceptions, accidents, honest errors. Neither the manufacturer nor consumer are immune to these human givings. We simply ask consumers to accept the effort put into creating the care instructions and if warranty for wear, tear and longevity is expected, please follow the instructions we work so hard to create with accuracy for your benefit. If instructions have not been followed, understand, we are not at fault.










28th February 2014

2014 Starts in Style

Last year we did an extensive series of posts on Facebook as well as a summary Blog asking….What is Style in 2013?

Inspired by some less than stylish images taken during the 2013 Spring Racing Carnival, the popular series explored style infuencers and trends over the decades commencing in the 1950’s to then current 2013. It did seem for the later part of last year, in the media, style was being overrun by a body exposing flesh fest where, to quote ourselves,”flesh is more, fabric is less.” This, along with accompanying behavior created a shock and aw mentality – “Look at Me! Look at Me!” all in the name of fame.Red Carpet 1

In an about turn, so far 2014 has given us a run of Red Carpet events abundant with style. While there may be a glimpse of provocatively located skin, it’s being exposed with prevailing  style, class and modesty. Perhaps a little cleavage, a bare shoulder, slashed backless, splits and peek-a-boo lace. We can take a look st some examples of this matured attitude to flesh with style in these images….

Red Carpet 5Red Carpet 6Red Carpet 8












Once again, we can be very proud of our Aussie representatives, amongst others, Cate Blachett and Margot Robbie. Margot’ style can be explored further this month’s Australia Elle Magazine where Margot graces the cover with a clean elegance.

Red Carpet 7

Red Carpet 4Red Carpet 3









Golden Globes 2








So, as we look forward to the main event of the Red Carpet and Awards Season for 2014, the Academy Awards, this Monday;

How many Oscar winners will also we Style winners as they collect their statuettes?

No doubt we can be sure that Cate is in with a winning chance for both Best Actor and Best Dressed.

Red Carpet 2






21st February 2014


While We Were Away – 2



More 12

It was Bayview Terrace Claremont in the middle of a Perth summer heat-wave.

The coming weekend was offering up a three day escape for Australia Day and just up the road, Cottesloe Beach, this evening,

failed to offer any sign of the famous Fremantle Doctor sea breeze.

Despite the temptation to head off away for the long weekend and the obstacle of a breathless hot summer night in Perth,

some of the most loyal M.E.L Australia fans turned themselves out in their favorite M.E.L outfits and items to come along and experience

an intimate rendezvous with the in-coming Winter 2014 Australia collection at More.

More Glass

Sipping on french Champagne, the introductions were masterfully made by Maria Short and her team of wonderful “More” girls in a relaxed and inviting environment.

Then we were down to business.

Introducing the More Winter 2014 selection of M.E.L to these lovely ladies was filled with fun, laughs, textile and product knowledge as well as

tips and ideas for care, wear, style and travel.

We covered it all.

More 14

We wrapped the night up with an up close and personal play with the garments.

Try-Ons….Oooh’s….and Ahhh’s were abundant and we all walked away the very best of friends.

Thank you Maria and your amazing team along with the most wonderful loyal M.E.L fans for a fabulous evening.










14th February 2014

Behind the Scenes – Photo Shoot Winter 2014


It was forecast to be the warmest November day and the team would have had to endure layers of warm winter dressing and intense spot lights under heatwave conditions.

Luckily, the weather wizard looked kindly upon us and turned the forecast heatwave conditions into a fresh spring day emulating winter conditions just nicely.

Hair and makeup were first up on the very early start to the day, then came the arrival of our largest, loudest smelliest prop yet, a Harley Davidson Night Train motor cycle. It was more than fun seeing the big beast being maneuvered into our tiny in-house studio space. The rumble of it’s engine rattling all the fixtures throughout the building, the aroma of the exhaust lingering for hours to follow.

You can look forward to seeing all the shots as they feature in our website sliders for Winter 2014.

A full website update with the entire new Winter 2014 collections for M.E.L and Melange is coming very soon.Behind. Shoot W'14-1 Behind. Shoot W'14-2 Behind. Shoot W'14-3









31st January 2014


Behind the Scenes – While We Were Away part 1

It seems only fitting that we start the New Year with an update to where we finished.

Our last Blog in December saw us farewell Rachel to commence her Maternity leave.

Then came the best news of the holidays….

Our lovely Rachel and proud Dad Ritchie welcomed Oliver Hendrix to the world in a whirlwind at 5.35am on New Years Day.

There is no doubt the newest member to the M.E.L family will be well loved by his flock of doting surrogate Aunties.

Oli 2


Oli 1

Oli 3








16th December 2013

Behind the Scenes – Rachel starts Maternity Leave



Rachel last day


Yes, for those who perhaps haven’t been into the office in the past few weeks to find the lovely Rachel in full bloom.

Our Lady of Lectra (the computer pattern making system) has bid us farewell for some time to join the world of motherhood.

Due on Boxing Day,this her first baby,  the stakes are high to be the winner of the birth date and weight competition.

Those in the office on Thursday, joined in a casual lunch together as the last of several fond farewell’s……..But note, Rachel’s skills will be back on board after she has settled the new little man into her life. Yes, we know its a boy, stay tuned for the birth announcement and name.

Group lenuch






25th November 2013

Is Style Dead?

Are we facing the end of style, or is style already dead?

We’ve recently come to the end of our Spring Racing Carnival.

Brietta from our M.E.L team attended Emirates Stakes Day with her family and brought back to the office an open discussion on the Death of Style.

Emerites Day - No Class

What has happened to style?

What is Style in 2013?

Does style still exist?

In the 1950’s we had style icons, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn to inspire simple elegance.

The 1960’s saw Jackie Kennedy in her clean Chanel consolidate elegance as timeless style.

With the rise of Carnaby Street, the new young alternative of the decade, Jean Shrimpton and Mary Quant brought a new boldness to women’s fashion. We saw this when Jean Shrimpton christened her mini dress style to the Melbourne Cup crowd in 1965.

Jean ShrimptonAs the 1970’s rolled by, Twiggy was the trendsetter who pushed the mini together with the Mary Quant & Mod look to the world. Though, as the 70’s evolved, glamour took another lead from stunning beauty Bo Derek as well as new trends set in hair and clothing shapes by such leaders as Farrah Fawcett and her Charlies Angels co-stars.


This progressed into more misses than hits in the 1980’s.

A decade of exaggerated design and lifestyle championed by TV shows and characters Crystal and Alexis in Dynasty and the Ewing women of Southfork in Dallas. While not necessarily the prettiest of fashion as we look back, it still held an element of style. Women still dressed for the occasion, whether it was to experience the great outdoors for some sporting adventure, a shopping trip with her girlfriends, a family gathering, wedding or gala ball. All time and attention was given to creating the perfect outfit and combination, on trend to current style, before venturing out the front door.

Where has this drive gone?

Or is style still there, we just don’t see it, as it no longer rises to our per-conceived standards?

Charlies AngelsDynastyDallas

As we move into the 90’s; Fashion is still dictated by image, dress up driven personalities.

The Spice Girls on the British front provided an eclectic mix of various images to appeal across all facets.

In the instance of Heather Locklear in Melrose Place as well as Pamela Anderson in Baywatch rising from the USA, we see the beginning of a split in what is perceived as style. Heather Locklear, power dresser, successful corporate woman in her tight fitting suits – very figure forming and leading with body image, all are toned down extensions of 1980’s glam. Let’s not also forget that Ms Locklear was also part of the orginal Dynasty cast. With the ensemble at Baywatch, Pamela Anderson as the front girl, body has now become everything; flesh has started to dictate the perceived perfect form.

Pamela AndersonMadonna

The 90’s also saw the birth of Madonna as a phenomenon. Her approach to image was all encompassing of her music, video, print and celluloid. Here, a star who certainly thought every outfit through who also used body flesh to shock the world into noticing everything she said and did. And so, the slippery slide to today’s flesh fest was born.

The 00’s, affectionately called the Naughty’s were named perhaps not just for the zero’s of the decade but also for the rise of the naughtiness in trends. Flesh is more, fabric is less. Shock and Aw – do what you can for your 15 minutes of fame. Push yourself out there by any means on You-Tube, Facebook, Twitter.

Has this desperate need for recognition destroyed the self-esteem to a level of self-deprecation leaving elegance and style lost forever?

While her talent and artistry are no doubt to be admired, Lady Gaga is an example of this naughtiness.  Though I’m sure she would defend it as her right and freedom of speech, and we don’t dispute this right, there is a model here which is being replicated by youth many of lesser talent and creativity around the world.

Lady Gaga

Others to push the flesh fest include, the no longer Disney girl, Miley Cyrus and as well as Rhiannon.

These girls are all incredibly talented and stunningly beautiful in their own rights, so why do they feel the need to press their flesh on society. This is not elegant. This is not style.

It seems there are now no boundaries and along with this crumbling of values, we have seen the erosion of style, which brings us back to the question

What is style in 2013?

Kate Middleton

There has however a shining light evolving from the UK in our new Royal, Kate Middleton.

The Duchess is young, contemporary, intelligent and beautiful. While she is confined by her social position in society, do we really think, if she weren’t a royal that she too, would press the flesh in such a provocative way?

Or would she keep the naughtiness back behind closed doors.

Cate Blanchett

Others in 2013 to always present with contemporary elegance include our own Cate Blanchett, Princess Mary of Denmark  and Nicole Kidman, ladies on the world arena taking the time to think their fashion through and always present themselves with timeless style and elegance. These ladies also push their look forward by supporting the newest and most contemporary of trends.

So much more can be said, we’d love to hear your constructive comments to add to this discussion as we feel this may only be part one of a lengthy discussion.

Princess MAry of Denmark



15th November 2013

More from the Masai Mara

RM6133 Masai in RM6133. 3

Earlier this year, on 22nd July, we blogged about the fabulous trip Melinda and Roger took with Siena to celebrate milestone birthdays in the Masai Mara

You will have been able to enjoy the amazing wildlife images;

including Zebra, Elephants, Giraffe and Flamingo,

from this fabulous trip as they provided truly picturesque back drops for our Home page sliders this Spring/Summer 2013 season.

Masai in MEL 6Masai in MEL 5.





What started as a fun cultural exchange, developed into a fabulous photo opportunity when the Masai women,

intrigued by the new textures and prints laughed, smiled and giggled their way through a dress up session in an array of M.E.L garments.

The un-spoilt natural beauty of these Masai women stands as a perfect catalyst to show off the vibrant colours and prints of the season.

Masai in MEL 4Masai in MEL 3









In exchange,

Melinda brought home an eclectic selection of Masai jewelry,

showcasing their intricate handcrafted beading.

AFRICAN_JEWLERRYIn addition to the jewelry, the the most precious cultural gift,

an amazing experience full of imprinted memories to carry for a lifetime.




8th November 2013

M.E.L – Off Duty

Up, Up & Away Top Gun Style

Topgun 4

No, it’s not Maverick and Goose, it’s our intrepid adventurers, Melinda and Roger, out and about or should we say “up, up & away”, Top Gun Style!

Close friend to the M.E.L family, Steve Gale, a former RAAF engineer and pilot, is a very proud owner of this petite Italian beast of the sky, The Marchetti S211. Formerly used as a trainer jet to the Royal Singapore Air Force out of Pearce Airbase in WA, it was decommissioned around 2005 and found its way into the hands of Steve, who now feels very privileged to regularly train with current and past RAAF and RSAF pilots as part of his ongoing flying training.

Steve Jet 2Steve Jet 1

Recently, Steve took Melinda, her dad Graeme – himself a would be Maverick of the Sky and Roger for a beyond the clouds experience showing them part of his routine being prepped  for an up and coming airshow display. Their experience included; a 1km high 4g loop, slow barrel rolls, graceful Derry turns and fast aileron rolls.

Steve Jet 5Steve Jet 3Steve Jet 4

Starting to sound technical?

Well for the technically minded, we have more…..

This little bullet of the sky produces 2500 pounds trust, can fly up to 750km per hour executing maneuvers of up to +6g or -3g, reach an altitude of 42,000 feet where it shares airspace in the company of Boeing and Airbus.

Topgun 1Topgun 2

This was definitely a memorable  Off Duty experience for  adrenalin seekers.

Melinda, Roger and Graeme’s exhilaration from the day kept their heads above the clouds for many days following what can only be described as an event!







22nd October 2013


Having or appearing to have only one colour.

Having all the tints, tones and shades of a single hue.

For Spring/Summer 2013, on trend monochromatic is the simplistic style of Black and White.

Taking this always striking combination and serving it up with a pop of colour using accessories.

Shoes and handbags, or perhaps lips and nails pop in traditional fiery red, scorching hot paprika, vibrant electric or even a sassy citron.

See here a selection of monochromatic from our Spring Summer’13 collection, as well as an example of how we colour popped our accessories.

We have chosen our Black and White Tassle dress, popped with an Electric bag and nails, then finished with a citron bangle and shoes.

RM6333 Tassel Dress Promo S'13monochromatic


4th October 2013


Taking a fundamental line, is the bold monochromatic of our Geometry Pant.

Making a statement with exposed zipper detail, this casual stretch cotton pant is fast on trend for Summer 2013.

Keeping the best of company; Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, our Geometry pant sets the pace for the fashion forward M.E.L wardrobe.

Seen here with lifestyle pieces;

Embroidered Ramie Shirt in milk for a fresh approach to work or our lush genuine Chamois leather cover for a more cosmopolitan taste.


Geometry Slider















26th September 2013


While our showroom is deep in the midst of Winter 2014 showings, our design focus is already looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2014/15. It’s no wonder in this industry, we feel our lives disappear in a blink, when we are forever focused on the next year or even further.

One of the never ending tasks is staying abreast of what’s new and interesting in textiles, trims and design elements. To the creative mind, inspiration is everything. Melinda is forever, not only scouring our own back yard, but on a plane searching the world for inspiration as well as new and interesting sources for textiles and trims. It’s a major ongoing task.

Seen here, are some images taken overseas of the vast selections which resemble, to the game friendly a screen of Candy Crush, to the not so game initiated, perhaps a Candy Store.


Sourcing 3








Is there a colour they don’t have?

Sourcing 1








All zipped up…..

Sourcing 2











16th September 2013

“A Day at the Races”

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnivalis just a moment away and it’s time to plan a stunning Spring Carnival wardrobe.

M.E.L Australia has developed an impeccable reputation for splendid day dresses to take us to the races and beyond. For the 2013 Spring Carnival, all are featured here in our Summer Collection – Dresses, from our Home Page.

Followers can look forward to exceptional occasion dresses this Spring Racing Carnival.

Whether it’s the gentle retro floral of our Stepford Dress, seen here at the finishing line;  a refreshing sorbet of colour with our Afternoon Tea Party Dress or the hot sophistication of the Salvador Dress in fire engine red; all will see you dressed to back a winner!

Staying totally on trend, our monochromatic Tassel Dress is a crowning piece for Darby Day.

Visit the Summer Collection, see also; Freesia Dress, Holograph dress and more…..


RM6324 Stepford Slider S'13RM6325 Salvador Promo S'13RM6333 Tassel Dress Promo S'13RM6324 Stepford Promo S'13RM6365 Tea Party Promo S'13
























9th September 2013

Travel Attache

School Holidays are looming calling on many of our readers to pack a bag and head for a resort.

We have put together some perfect travel companion, resort wear for this time of year from our Spring Summer’13 Collection.

Travel Attache 1 - itemsAre you wanting to add a touch of dress-up glamour?

Simply add our Jungle Feathers printed jersey dress with a Linen Wrangler Jacket in Emerald OR for the totally Glammed Up, we suggest this fabulous Tortoise Maxi dress with a Cognac Chamois Suede Cover.

Travel Attache 2  - dressThe entire Travel Attaches available from Spring Summer 2013



3rd September 2013

Think Pink – Celebrate Spring

Strongest for Spring Summer 2013, any shade of Pink.

It’s been some time since such strong shades of pink have featured so extensively in fashion.

These shades, as strong as Rhubarb and Beetroot and as gentle as Pink Incing and Flamingo, whet the appetite for our Spring Summer’13 followers of trend.

Decorate yourself from our selection – Afternoon Tea Party Dress in Pink Icing; Sura Kaftan, last featured in our “Hues of Blues” is shown here in Flamingo; the perfect traveling companion, our Fiesta Cotton Slicker, will take you anywhere; need a little cover with that dress, try our Jewel Throw, here we show Cyclamen; finally bringing so many shades of pink together, our Sequin printed silk cotton Chemise, ever so slightly dipped in blue.

Are you “Thinking Pink” yet?

Discover more offerings throughout our Summer Collection, click on the tab from our homepage to discover more……



26th August 2013

Hues of Blues – An Electric Attraction!

Spring/Summer 2013 from M.E.L Australia offers many exciting shades of blue.

Seen here on Tracey; our Boucher Amour Chemise, showing Love Heart on ramie linen over Reptile Jeans, stretch cotton in Juniper.

Others are, clockwise from top;

Jewel Throw, the perfect silk Georgette cover in Horizon;    Sura Kaftan, handcrafted Batik in an Electric shade. The artisan workmanship of this style means that no two garments are the same, each is an artwork in its own right;    Mayan Shell, handcrafted and dip-dyed, these individually unique shell tops are the perfect companion when visiting your favorite resort destination, 6 colour combinations, there must be one just right for you and finally;    dynamic Electric Gerbera, classic side zipper printed pants in stretch cotton sateen. This, a dynamic print for a dynamic lady is also offered in “Missoni” type print.

All these styles are available in alternative colours or print options, consult the Summer Collection or Pant Catalogue tabs from our homepage for further details.

hues of blues_test






19th August 2013


As Seen – New York City


In Melbourne, we like to think we share in a similar Cafe Society as our friends in the Big Apple.

Seen here, are some images in support of this inference.

“Balthazar” reminiscent of many of our Deli style cafe around Melbourne. Can you see the flavour of Spring Street’s ” The European” ?

or Is it the Street Scape?

You can almost smell the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee and straight from the oven bread, are you hungry yet?

Balthazar Front door NYCBalthazr Street Scape NYC











NYC Bread Baskets












The city which never sleeps, offers a fabulous mix of eclectic dining.

“Isola” offers us plenty of shine either by day, or by night.

All this NYC  ‘Shine’,  inspired our  “Shine” metallic coloured linen jacket for Spring/Summer 2013

Isola by dayIsola NYCIsola night 1RM6133 Shine NY Product






















12th August 2013

Your Personal Floriard

Create your own personal Floriard this Spring with M.E.L Australia.

Taking floral inspiration from opening Spring visual merchandising at Printemp in Paris,

enjoy our garden printed RM6133 Linen Wrangler Jacket

Floriard 3Floriard 2RM6133 Garden Product













This is the perfect piece to wear anywhere, anytime.

The versatility of this jacket seen here on the Masai women

from Melinda’s recent Safari holiday as well as a beautiful

Tanzanian lady named “Happiness”

Masai in RM6133. 2Masai in MEL 4








Happiness in Zanzibar 1









The perfect pant to accompany this jacket is the RM6348 Sniper Jeans.

For more information about colours and prints in these style; from the Home Page, click on Summer Collection, then Summer Pants or Summer Jackets


RM6133 Garden Promo S'13







5th August 2013

M.E.L – Behind the Scenes

Spring/Summer 2013. Photo-shoot

“Back On Safari in the Masai Mara”

We discussed in our Blog, 22nd July 2013, how Melinda’s ‘On Safari’ photo’s have provided much inspiration for our Spring/Summer 2013 creative imagery.

Taking advantage of green-screen technology, our creative team have dropped contemporary M.E.L Australia fashion pieces into, amongst others, the “Masai Mara”

Seen here, is our Mayan silk throw-over top, worn by model Tracey-Lee Beswick, placed on safari with Masai guides Mako and Boi.

RM6308 Mayan Slider Masai S'13

Many are involved to make the photo-shoot a success. We make special thanks to those who provided product, props or accessories.

They include;      eBike Central for the loan of the Replica Dutch Vintage Bike by XDS,      Hermon & Hermon, who regularly provide furnishings for our promotional images, this time the amazing white Papillion Easy Chair   as well as    Luisa Leather for the Mui Mui, Prada and Sergio Rossi shoes.

Others to thank are the creative team who have now come together for their 4th M.E.L Australia photo-shoot. They are; Stephaine Bailly PhotographyYumi Conaghty Hair & MakeUp Artist with our own team member Brietta for Styling and Imagery. She is responsible for turning our green-screen shots into stunning Home page sliders.

Thank you all, together you have made our Spring/Summer 2013 website look the best!

Following – Peep behind the scenes, our creative team at work.

Photo-shoot S13 -- 9Photo-shoot S13 1Photo-shoot S13-- 3










29th July 2013


Squizzy Taylor Bullet Hole

Topical today with the launch of the “Squizzy” TV series last night.

M.E.L Australia protects a small part of the “Squizzy” legend at its head office in Richmond.

Born in Brighton in 1888 and moving to the then slums of Richmond in 1893 after his fathers coach making business was sold by creditors.

Squizzy Taylor, from a young age was involved in a career of petty crime until as the head of the Richmond Gang became the central figure in the “Fitzroy Vendetta”. From pickpocketing and minor offenses to armed robbery and murder in a matter of a few years.

It’s at this point, our head office of M.E.L Australia enters the historic picture. M.E.L Australia is housed in an old renovated bank in Richmond. What is now our fashion product showroom, was then the bank managers office. It’s understood the bank manager of the day was shot in this room by “Squizzy”. A recent unannounced visit by a visiting historian from Sydney, expert in all things “Squizzy” advised it to be one of only two remaining Squizzy Taylor bullet holes remaining untouched and protected in its original state. Today M.E.L Australia, as conservator of history, keeps this bullet bole in the window, proudly protected.

Here we see a close up picture of the bullet hole as well as an image of the Squizzy Taylor mug shot as seen in the Richmond Library.Squizzy Bullet holeSquizzy mug shot







22nd July 2013

M.E.L – Off Duty!

It’s been birthday celebration time again at M.E.L

Both Melinda and Siena have recently clocked up milestone birthdays, for those interested, Siena has celebrated double digits, yes her 10th birthday. Do you remember when…………?

As a family, they chose to celebrate by going on Safari in Kenya.

Bringing back much inspiration, our first blog foray into their adventure is to witness some of the colour and splendor of the Masai, markets, and lifestyle and of course the wild life.

Find here a mini peak from the many thousands of pictures brought home.

A seriously well-seasoned, seen it all traveler, Melinda has said “The purity of this experience was surreal. The people, their lifestyle, the cleanest fresh air and such humble requirements for happiness made our life here seem superfluous.”

For more, look to our website home page. Throughout the season you will find an ever updating slide selection of “on safari” backdrops to complement our new release Spring Summer 2013 collection.

Blog - Masai (1)Blog - MarketBlog - Luncheon (2)Blog - ZebraBlog - Safari



6th July 2013


Sneak Peak: Summer 2013

As the winter fashion season in the stores comes to a close, we are starting to see some new Spring Summer merchandise hit the floors. At M.E.L we shall be updating our website with our full Summer catalog in a couple of weeks. Look forward to an amazing array of new exciting tones of pinks, reds, greens and well as a comfortable selection of neutrals. For now we give you this little sneak peak of our up and coming range.MEL S'13 Full range




7th June 2013

M.E.L – Off Duty!

Recently we joined our lovely Rachel to say goodbye to her Roaring 20’s and celebrate her 30th Birthday.

A theme, appropriate for the occasion, yet hot and topical with the release of Baz Luhrmann’s movie “Gatsby”.

All adorned in our flapper creations, Rachel transformed the venue into a speakeasy. Luckily we didn’t have to endure a prohibition, the cocktails were plentiful as we partied into the wee hours.

Happy Birthday Rachel!


Rachels Bday 1






24th May 2013

Check out our friends at Pua Clothing

Capture this fabulous light weight puffer vest which comes in its own little bag with security pouch for your valuables.

The perfect wardrobe compliment to see us through the super cold weeks ahead.

Shown here with M.E.L Australia pieces, the Gloucester Tunic and our contemporary Dubliner textured legging. New stocks of the Dubliner have been delivered in store this week.

Looking to stay warm in these lifestyle pieces, check out our stockists page. Print




13th May 2013

Thinking Winter……..

With the start of winter soon upon us, its time to start thinking seriously about our winter wardrobes.

M.E.L offer several winter wardrobe solutions; warm pants, chunky knits, layer under pieces as well as costs.

Featured hers is our Waterford Windbreaker Coat, available in store now in colours Black, Teal and Violet.

Visit our stockists page or contact us directly for your closest supplier.







Start with Balthazar (Soho) for brunch, a piece of Paris in NYC, and after a long day of shopping enjoy cocktails and Crudo at Isola (Soho) …makes for a perfect day in NYC!





The Best Winter Warmers

Did we all feel the cold snap settle in this week? One day we’re still preening the legs for the last of the sun’s rays, the next its; Pants and Pull-overs.A taste of the best winter warmers are available from M.E.L this winter.

Chunky knits. Our St Maritz Throw (pictured bellow) and Teardrop Jumper provide a soft snuggly comfort from the cold.Wear these together with an amazing hip hugging pair of our winter fashion pants.Best of the best are the Dunkirk Jacquard and Londondery two way stretch, both offer amazing figure flattering fit.Other great choices are; Dingle stretch cord jean, a micro cord in fabulous colours like raspberry and plum as well as staples black and Ink or our “last forever” ponti di roma styles in the basic pull on leggings or the new winner classic leg.

See below the St Maritz throw worn with our Stoke Body top and Winter stretch Dubliner Legging, and don’t forget Midas for their great selection of Winter Boots that work perfectly with this outfit!



A big Thank- you to all of those who played a part in our Winter 13 Photo shoot…Thanks to Cartoon Clothing for their stunning leather accessories, Amy at Minette’s Vintage for her collection of old suitcases and typewriters, Hermon and Hermon for their quirky furnishings and Midas for their range of fabulous Boots. Healthy snacks from Heart and Soul Baking that kept us going throughout the day. And of course Stephanie Bailly Photography, Yumi Conaghty Hair and Make up and the beautiful Natascha Verkaik for their fabulous work on the day!





Struggling to find an outfit for the spring cup carnival??

See below M.E.L’s Spring Carnival picks!



















Ladies, we have serious competition in the fashionista stakes from our 4 legged friends.While enjoying a sunny Sunday spring bike ride, we happened upon Arthur & Audrey basking in the days events at Federation Square. As it turns out, Arthur & Audrey are professional models featuring in their own calendar that is available for purchase via Marie-Elizabeth Photography…



Behind the scenes at our Summer shoot…for the end result see previous post below…























Our Summer photo shoot was a lot of fun this year, as you can see from the shots  below, we went all over the globe… from the heart of Melbourne, the rooftops of New York to the gardens of Chateau de versailles… 🙂

Thanks to our wonderful team…

Tracey lee Beswick (Model)


Stephanie Bailly (Photographer)


Yumi Conaughty (Hair & Make- up).




13/08/12 TOKYO

Fashion – Food – Fusion
The Japanese and their meticulous attention to detail never fail to impress…



The Fashion  Industry as a whole have always been strong supporters of Women’s issues, not the least Breast Cancer and the Pink ribbon campaign. M.E.L stockist Medici Clothing of Essendon, held a “Pink Ribbon High Tea” together with Pink Ribbon at the Grand Hyatt, Melbourne.

Their preview of their new spring Fashion with feature M.E.L Australia. We donated an outfit to the occasion to be auctioned on the day.  Stay tuned for photos from the event!



With school holidays upon us and a desire to escape the frosty cold of this Melbourne winter, like many Aussie families, we chose the warm, tranquil and welcoming island of Bali to enjoy our hiatus.

Bali is a long standing favourite travel destination for many Australians has in recent years developed it’s tourism, resort and restaurant scene into a cosmopolitan mix of the new married with the traditional.

Following is a mini travelog as prepared by Melinda…

Winter Activity guide #2 : ESCAPE TO BALI!

Hats off to this new Bar: Oazia Vodka Spa situated off the beaten track in Kerobokan. Opening 2 months ago, the Bar has a strong Russian influence, I highly recommend “All That Love” vodka cocktail or the Canesugar Vodka shot. Food is great and there is live music on Friday nights for the local expat crowed. Watch the sleek kitchen prepare your meals through a floor to ceiling seamless glass. This place will rock when word gets around.

Sardines ( a personal favorite) has been around for some time but the food is still stunning! You cant beat the ambience on the rice paddy field that Sardine staff  harvest 3 times a year, providing crops to charity. All the produce grown locally is a recipe of freshness and flavour.


Sean Grogrove who owns The Corner Store has opened up a new restaurant called ‘Petitenget’ last month. It is a pleasant restaurant on the main drag of Jalan Petitenget.














Potato head is obviously the new hotspot but you cant help loving the creative decor. Try a Kookaburra cocktail that will start you up.

‘Mamasan’, Sarong’s new sister restaurant is great.  The mural on the back wall is beautiful but it is all concrete and extremely noisy.If you looking for a colourful Bali style paradise this is not the spot, unfortunately it feels more like downtown Melbourne… but the food is fantastic so are the cocktails especially the Coconut Mojito!

‘Mosaic’ the renown restaurant in Ubud is opening up a Beach restaurant bar just up from The W at end of July. Should be worthwhile checking out!























Bali Zoo Night Tour is a fun activity especially with children (all ages mind you I enjoyed it just as much as my daughter). You quickly get over the ordinary food in this jam packed night of fun; on the elephant feeding, the bear kat, crocodile and ecru snake holding, the banana feeding to the resident Orangutan “Jackie”, night walk visting the animals and the grand finale fire dancers!









Winter weekend Activity guide#1

In the company of best friends, Melinda and Roger enjoyed a fabulous weekend of fun, wine tasting and feasting in the King Valley region of Victoria over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. This region sports some the premium wineries of Australia coming together to create a special weekend event in “The Italian Spirit”

Brown Brothers, one of the largest wineries in the region, created a “Feast Fit for a King” at their Milawa Winery….’A Roman style feast of regional bounty, paired with matching Italian variety wines’.

Chrismont’s…. “Festa Rustica” pursued a traditional hearty, rustic Italian fare offering to adorn the table with brodo and pasta selections accompanied by ‘new wave Mediterranean and classical European wines.’

Dal Zotto Wines offered a simple “Vino, Pasta e Basta”, it was a clever marriage of Antipasto and Pasta’s with new release wines. There was even the opportunity to learn to make pasta at one of their pasta making classes.

Pizzini, another of the regions larger wineries, prepared “Sangiovese e Salsicce Celebration”…..A long Lunch. This, a traditional fare to include some of Nonna’s special recipes, highlighted by entertainers “Bric Brac” and their gipsy jazz.

Politini Wines, the personal favourite of the weekend, gave… “Taste the Flavours of Sicily”. A more boutique style winery and feeling like we were invited to a intimate family gathering, here Nonna inspired the full Sicillian feast along with Chef Adam of Rinaldo’s.

While we escaped with friends to enjoy the promoted “Weekend Fit for a King” over the Queen’s Birthday, any winter weekend would offer the perfect landscape to venture into the King Valley and enjoy its finest. Many of these places are very popular and we’d recommend to make booking to avoid disappointment.

Some of the other wineries in the region, we didn’t get to, include;

Boggy Creek VineyardCicconeLa CantinaSam Miranda


Winter is well and truly here with this mornings temperature dropping to 4 degrees! Why not try something warmer this season ( and still as chic as ever…) with our Infantry stretch corduroy pant.

The soft rich corduroy fly front pant features a waxed trim panel on the inner leg . Styled to be a firm fit though relaxed from the knee down, this pant has multi function allowing it to be a wardrobe favourite!

See a list below of stockists…or contact us now to find the size you are after!


Ballarat Vic 3350 The Upholstery Gallery 528 Mair st 03 5331 4192

Carlton Victoria 3053 Black Orange Lygon Court, 380 Lygon Street 03 9347 6297

Clifton Hill Vic 3068 Blondies 336 Queens Parade 03 9481 6978

Camberwell Victoria 3124 Blondies 682 Burke Road 03 9813 4900

Port Melbourne Vic 3207 Blondies Shop2/ 190 Bay St 03 9646 1717

Doncaster East Vic 3109 Etage 52 Tunstall Square 03 9842 2733

Byron Bay NSW 2481 Zest Shop 6/5-7 Byron St 02 6685 5508

Hamilton NSW 2303 Calender Girl 117 Beaumont St 02 4940 8688

Williamstown Vic 3016 Cartoon 30 Douglas Parade 03 9397 0213






Our Grace Kelly outing… A break from the city!

On Sunday the girls from M.E.L took a trip up to Bendigo for the Grace Kelly Style Icon exhibition. Here are some images from our adventure…

The fresh, sunny day reflected the beauty that is Grace Kelly…

A stop off at Malmsbury Park.

An escape from the car…

… enjoying the swings, and being chased by ducks!

Lunch at Wine bank on View… followed by the Grace Kelly exhibition…

Lunch time activities included lessons on Macrame…young designers in the making??

The team photographed outside the gallery building, inspired by Grace Kelly and refreshed by country air!

Timeless beauty… Too young, such a great loss.



Every so often we will introduce to you a new member of our talented team here at M.E.L. The designers, Pattern makers, Garment Technicians, Manufacturers and the all round helpers who partake in the magical madness that goes with creating one of our ranges. With the launch of our new site, it is only natural to start with where it all began…

Melinda Nunn, the managing Director and Designer of M.E.L is a born fashionista. With an academic world beckoning in the Mathematics, she turned her back on such pursuits and at 16 moved away from home to follow a career in fashion.

From the youngest age, Melinda took pencil to paper designing “Mod” styles of the time. Her mother, an amateur seamstress made all of Melinda’s clothes. She could rely upon Melinda’s eager help to create new outfits ready to wear to Sunday school each week.

From age 16, Melinda studied Fashion Design at the Gordon Technical College in Geelong, these endeavours introduced her to external examiner Sally Browne, a leading Industry figurehead of the era. Sally being impressed by the young Melinda’s abilities, natural fashion flair and keen eye offered her a coveted position as her Assistant Designer. Melinda was just 19, her responsibilities began in the development of fabrics and sourcing fashion trends which saw her commence her overseas travel. Travel is still today a keen passion for Melinda. Melinda’s responsibilities and experiences grew over the next ten years she was in Sally’s employ. Melinda credits this Australian fashion icon’s  zany ideas, creativity and keen business sense as key factors she admired most about her mentor.

From the fast lane of high fashion and the outrageous creativity of Sally Browne, Melinda moved to the business world of Solomen Lew as a Product Developer dealing with the likes of Witchery and Kmart under the Voyager flag where rather than creativity, computer reports were prevalent. So much more was learnt. After 3 years, with a desperate hunger for the creative side, Melinda and her partner set up business and M.E.L was born, this was 1996.

Over the past 16 years, M.E.L with Melinda at the helm delivered the highest standard of design, quality and service to it’s retail customers and consumers alike enjoying steady growth and loyal following.


Welcome to the new M.E.L website! We decided with the drop of a new Winter range we would also freshen up our web site!

We have made an online Look book and most importantly an online Pant catalogue, aimed at helping you to locate the pant you are seeking at one of our stockists Australia wide.

If you are interested in hearing more about what is happening at M.E.L please join our Mailing list or visit our new Facebook page.

-The Intarsia Anorak – 














The Intarsia Anorak has just arrived, an exclusive style to M.E.L !

Long Line Winter jacket with double open ended zips. Features 2 large pockets with zip closures on front, and 1 small pocket in lining big enough for an iPod or passport. Fully lined in Jersey knit. Drawstring adjustment at waist. Intarsia knit contrast cuffs, under collar and back waist band.

Available in Black only, in sizes 8-18.

You will find it at one of the stores listed below…

Carlton Victoria 3053 Black Orange Lygon Court, 380 Lygon Street 03 9347 6297

Castlemaine Victoria 3450 Est 62 Mostyn st 035472 2999

Camberwell Vic Blondies 682 Burke Road 03 9813 4900

Clifton Hill Vic 3068 Blondies 336 Queens Parade 03 9481 6978

Port Melbourne Vic 3207 Blondies Shop2/ 190 Bay St 03 9646 1717

Malvern Vic Eclectic 125 Glenferrie Road 03 9500 2833

Woodend Vic  Sassy 103 High St 03 5427 3887

Williamstown Vic Cartoon 30 Douglas Parade 03 9397 0213

Lorne Vic Duetto 66 Mount Joy Road 03 52 89 5454

Shepparton Vic Lindy of Shepparton Shop 3, Whyndam Mall 03 5821 5938

Doncaster East Vic 3109 Etage’ 52 Tunstall Square 03 9842 2733

Burnside SA 5066 Impulse Shop 1, The Boulevard 08 8338 2475

Glenelg SA 5045 Impulse 105a Jetty Road 08 8376 2988

North Adelaide SA 5006 Impulse 127 Melbourne St 08 8239 0793

Norwood SA 5067 Impulse 148 The Parade Norwood 08 8331 3188



A flattering and forgiving fit, can be thrown over a dress or worn relaxed with a pair of Jeans, available in a beautiful range of Winter brights.

There is limited stock, so make a visit to one of the stores listed below before they all sell out!

Camberwell Victoria 3124 Blondies 682 Burke Road 03 9813 4900

Doncaster East Vic 3109 Etage’ 52 Tunstall Square 03 9842 2733

Malvern Vic 3144 Eclectic 125 Glenferrie Road 03 9500 2833

Williamstown Vic 3016 Cartoon 30 Douglas Parade 03 9397 0213

Kingscliff NSW 2487 Heart of the Home Shop 2, 104 Marine Pde 02 6674 8788

North Balwyn Vic 3103 Itsyu 270 Whitehorse Road 03 9836 1199


 This girl is not just a pretty face!

Winter photo Shoot with our beautiful Rachel in the heart of Melbourne CBD, Collins st…